Frequently Asked Questions

-What time does the Wedding band start ?
We'll be set up to start for 9.00pm. Dancing usually starts around 9.30 when people have stretched their legs after the meal etc., but we will be ready to kick off the dancing whenever you specify.

-How long does the music go on for ?
Approximately three hours for the band, including the tea break of approx 15mins. The DJ plays until hotel cut off time for music which is usually 2.30am in most hotels.

-How much of a deposit do you need to confirm the date ?
We just take a 20% deposit to confirm the booking. We take payment for the outstanding balance on the night before we start

-Do you play live ?
We play live bass and guitars plus live vocals. We also have drums and keyboards on backing tracks.

-Do you travel nation-wide ?
We do a lot of our work in the Clare Limerick area but we can and have travelled all over the country to Entertain at Weddings

-Do you provide a DJ service ?
Yes we do

-Is there a gap between the band finishing and the DJ starting ?
No. We like to keep the flow so the DJ starts immediately after the Band finishes

-What do you wear on stage ?
We dress in black or variations on that theme, always smart :)

-What kind of music do you play ?
We cover a large range and styles of music. From fifties rock n roll like pretty woman by Roy Orbison up to happy by Pharell Williams. From Waltzing right up to current dance music. We have to have a wide range in order to cater properly for all the age groups that are at a wedding. We study the audience on the night and play whatever works best to keep the party going.

-How does the Arrivals "Got that Swing" music option work?
We play for two hours before your guests are called to sit down for the meal at your venue. The guests may be arriving at the venue from the ceremony or if it’s a civil ceremony in the venue we play from when the civil ceremony is over until the main reception.

-Do you play to back singers ?
We do yes. We tend to limit the singers to two or three, because from experience we like to keep it lively, and keep people dancing as much as possible. After all you are paying us to do the entertaining !