How Atomic Chicken all began

 Atomic Chicken started out a few years ago as an eighties band really. Our only ambition was to get a band together to play a set of eighties songs that we liked and that our audiences would hopefully like. Once we started doing gigs however we started to listen to what the audience wanted to hear, we used to even ask people to submit requests on piece of paper as to what they would like to hear us do the next time we were at that venue. We didn't always succeed in catering to every request, because some of them to be honest were just too out there. It was a great way of picking our audiences brains however, and we soon had a great list of songs that appealed to nearly everyone. We were a cover band after all, and the biggest kick we get at our gigs is seeing our audiences really enjoying themselves.

Pretty soon we were being asked to play for weddings and so we worked on a set of songs that would cater to people dancing all night. It took a bit of work and a lot of experience but we just kept honing and improving the set until we were happy that we had a good wedding show. Of course we’re always trying to improve it still and we’re also always adding new chart and classic material as we go along.

We Know How To Keep The Dance floor Full

  • The test we use to put or keep a song in the wedding set is do people get up and dance to it....If they dance it stays, if they don’t it goes. Its ruthless but it definitely works and we have tons of testimonials that include the line “the dance floor was full all night”.

At the risk of giving away trade secrets, another trick: 

  • We have to keep the floor full is once we get people on the floor we just play songs without breaks and we keep them on the floor. Its like Newtons law of motion “an object in motion tend to stay in motion” “a person dancing tends to stay dancing” so the motto is "don’t let them sit down". It's easier to keep them up than to get them up. See it’s all science really !